Personal Training

Our Team at Powerhouse Gym Nanuet

Our highly experienced and educated training staff is committed to your personal victories. Our training staff is as diverse as our members and we are here to address your personal needs in a safe and fun environment. We also offer training sessions to accommodate everyone from athletes to those with needs for Osteoporosis, and rehabilitation.Our passionate Trainers will work with you to design a custom program to meet your needs – combining resistance training, cardio, flexibility, and functional movement to optimize your investment in well being.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Gyana Mella

Gyana is a certified Fitness Trainer (NASM) and Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor with a passion for fitness, body composition and nutrition. As a self built athlete, mom, and educator, she strongly believes in sharing her experience with others and supporting her clients in not only attaining their physical goals but also support them in their journey to a healthier lifestyle. As a skilled artist specialized in physical performance and movement she applies this experience to posing routines and practice. Gyana is now working towards her Fitness Nutrition Specialization.


Jeremy Trachtman

Jeremy is a passionate fitness professional who began life as a restaurant chef before working in Physical Therapy offices rehabilitating injured patients. To compliment his PT work, Jeremy embarked on a journey of education in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, & Corrective Exercise. Jeremy’s approach is scalable and usable for all people of all levels. He helps clients to create a sustainable lifestyle that is customized to each individual he works with. Given Jeremy’s multi disciplinary approach, He works with clients ranging from those leaving Physical Therapy to athletes looking to gain performance improvement.