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Get your body in shape by blasting all the major muscle groups in this all around conditioning class.

Try this explosive circuit workout using intervals of the treadmill combined with body conditioning.

Bring your gloves to this amazing workout. Learn all you need to know about the basics of a boxing workout while punching boxing mitts and heavy bags. Some intervals of strength are included.

Learn various boxing skills in a bootcamp setting that incorporates cardio moves and kickboxing.

A 45 minute class set to inspiring heart pounding music.

45 minute class divided between 20 minutes of cycling and 20 minutes of strength. Video use is strictly up to the instructor.

This class is available for the shorter duration or the longer. Each class has the utmost challenge for the core and may incorporate some strength training as well.

High intensity interval training for 30 minutes.

This innovative dance fitness class incorporates different elements of fitness which are designed to tone, strengthen, and increase endurance. All of which are done to today’s popular dance music.

This class is specifically designed for the active older adults who want to workout at a slower pace and improve balance and flexibility.

Fun, energetic upbeat workout that fuses techniques from dance, pilates and yoga to specifically target your glute, and leg muscles. Light weights and bands are used for upper body.

This class is broken down into 2-3 minute intervals of strength, cardio and abdominal work. This class, while having fun, will help you burn calories all day long even after the class is over.

A full body suspension training workout utilizing the TRX straps. An amazing workout that will not only sculpt your body but will give you that strength.

I’m sure no explanation is needed. Get your latin groove going to the fast and fun Latin moves while keeping a smile on your face.

**GOLD is for the older active adults with the same flare.

This class will surely give you that burn you’re looking for, a quick moving all incorporated fitness class with lots of camaraderie.

This class focuses on the whole body  for the purpose of  improving flexibility.  In addition, the instructor will also spend time on your specific areas to decrease pain and improve mobility.

Try this Boxing workout on actual heavy bags. Learn basic boxing skills and techniques to increase muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. Core workout included. **8 slots available/gloves required**

Authentic yoga with tips and modifications to create a class for all levels.

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