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Boxing Blitz

Boxing Blitz is a boxing conditioning class. It utilizes calisthenic exercises and heavy bag drills in a circuit style. This style of training burns fat and improves endurance and coordination. Boxing is beneficial for not only the body but also the mind and self-confidence.

Full Body Burn

Full body burn is a comprehensive class that hits all the major muscle groups in the body. It combines cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and core work to get a total body workout. With an addition of a little cardio added throughout the workout, this class challenges your aerobic capacity and

will improve overall strength and endurance.

There’s always an option to modify and progress throughout the workout (using lighter weights or limiting range of motion) making this an amazing class for all fitness levels!


A full body restoring stretch class designed to increase flexibility & reduce muscle & joint pain


This class works your entire body with cardio, lower body, upper body, and core exercises. This killer boot camp is a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) program with fast-paced training to burn extra fat.


Burn fat and build muscle, This Interval based class combines full-body strength training with high-intensity cardio bursts to tone your body and improve endurance.


Bootcamp is a circuit training class. This style of class includes a combination of weight training, calisthenics, and high-intensity intervals. This style of training improves muscle mass, while also burning fat and improving metabolic conditioning. Bootcamp is a perfect workout for everyone at any level of fitness.

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